NASCAR has revised its tire rules in order to keep any team that fails to make a qualifying lap from having an advantage.

The sanctioning body issued a rules bulletin Wednesday that eliminated the rule that NASCAR Cup teams must start the race on the tires they use in qualifying.

That rule was designed as a cost-saving rule, but with teams having trouble getting through prequalifying inspection, those who failed to get through prior to the start of qualifying ended up on fresh tires for the start of the race. Depending on the track, having fresh tires can be a significant advantage and virtually negate any disadvantage of starting at the rear of the field.

If a team fails to make a qualifying lap under the new rules, it must carry over a scuffed set of tires from practice to its tire allotment for the race.

NASCAR also announced a rule that would eliminate a big circular hand saw that Furniture Row Racing used to fix its car during a recent race. NASCAR created a rule that teams must get series director approval to use anything but traditional battery powered equipment — such as reciprocating saws, rivet guns, screw guns & drills — to repair a car on pit road during the race.