Michael Andretti believes his prospective F1 team’s partnership with US automotive giant General Motors has the potential to create a powerhouse rivaling the likes of Ferrari and Mercedes.

Despite their initial entry bid being rejected by Formula 1 in January, after it was given the green light by the FIA, Andretti Cadillac remains determined to join the grid in 2026.

While discussions with F1 continue behind the scenes, the team is taking concrete steps to solidify its ambitious project, and the recent inauguration of its Silverstone facility represents its most significant commitment yet to its F1 endeavor.

Regardless of whether Andretti manages to secure or not its entry for 2026, the team will not rely on GM as a potential power unit supplier until 2028 at the earliest, a term which represents Formula 1’s preferred but conditional point of entry for the American outfit.

In February, Jim Campbell, GM’s vice president of performance and motorsport, reaffirmed the automotive giant’s confidence and ongoing efforts with Andretti.

Campbell also said that GM – along with Andretti Global – remains committed to constructive dialogue with Formula 1 despite the latter expressing doubts over Andretti Cadillac’s ability to be a “competitive participant” in the sport from the outset.

In Miami recently, Michael Andretti reiterated his team’s confidence in GM’s unwavering support, suggesting the sceptics will only be silenced once they witness the sheer effort poured into their F1 venture by both parties.

“[We’re] Very committed, very excited,” the 61-year-old team owner told Speed City Broadcasting. “People will not understand until we show them the effort that’s been put in on both sides.

“This is going to be rival with the Ferraris and the Mercedes, you know, the effort that’s being put in with such a great company like GM.”

Andretti said his presence in Miami along with his father, F1 legend Mario Andretti, was part of an effort to uphold the US outfit’s communication channels with Formula 1.

“We’re trying to get more communication and see what we need to do to get in,” he said.

“We’re going to need some answers soon. But we have some things we’re working on and hopefully, we’ll get some answers soon.”

Andretti admitted that pressing on with his team’s F1 project with no guarantee of a successful outcome was “a risk, for sure”.

“But I think it shows how much we believe in this, that we believe it’s great for Formula 1,” he added. “And we think it’s great for American fans and to bring a company like General Motors into Formula 1, I think is huge.

“We just believe in it that much that we’re willing to roll the dice.”

Formula 1’s rejection of Andretti’s plans was frowned upon by several members of the US Congress who have written a formal letter to Liberty Media, the sport’s commercial rights holder, demanding answers regarding F1’s application process.

Andretti suggested that he was caught off guard by this development, but nonetheless welcomed the show of support for his team’s F1 ambitions.

“I stay out of that,” he said. “I’m just here to build a team and that’s what I’m doing. But for sure, it’s great to have people like them looking at what’s going on and getting behind this.”

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