Guenther Steiner said it is “a little bit late” for Andretti to save their F1 bid and suggested their approach will ultimately keep them out of the sport.

Andretti are continuing to plan for an F1 arrival but Steiner suggested their all guns blazing approach has already condemned them to life on the outside.

Guenther Steiner criticises Andretti approach to F1 bid

The Andretti family have been trying to get into F1 for a number of years and even a rejection by FOM ahead of the 2024 season did not stop them in their ramping up efforts.

Their most recent announcement saw senior figure Pat Symonds join the team as well as the opening of a 40,000-square-foot facility next to the Silverstone circuit but while they continue to work on their preparation, they are no closer to being given the green light.

There has been no word of talks between FOM and Andretti to resolve the impasse but Steiner believes Andretti’s approach was the wrong one.

“I think it’s a little bit late to navigate,” he told select media, including, of how he would look to get Andretti on the grid.

“To get out of that it will be very difficult because when you go somewhere to upset or disagree with so many people, it’s difficult to make up for that.

“If I want to be invited to a party, I need to be nice. If I upset the bouncer, he doesn’t let me in.”

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Andretti have often been advised to buy an existing team in a similar way to what Audi have done but with no one selling, it is not an option the American company has been able to explore. One long-rumoured target has been Haas with suggestions that owner Gene Haas may sell up but Steiner said that even he did not know what Haas wanted to do.

“I was there a long time and I still don’t know what he wants to do,” he stated.

“I didn’t know last year, I didn’t know two years ago and I don’t know what he thinks of the long term.

“I’m not avoiding the question, I just don’t know what he thinks because he could be thinking something today and something different tomorrow.”

Guenther Steiner

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