Jun.7 (GMM) The rumours swirling around Aston Martin at the moment is a “good sign”, according to lead driver Fernando Alonso.

Red Bull’s departing technical guru Adrian Newey has been linked with a move to Ferrari, but Mercedes and Aston Martin have also been mentioned as potential destinations.

“It is a privilege that he is connected to Aston Martin,” Alonso told DAZN. “Good news that a legend of this sport and Aston Martin are related in some way.”

But it’s not just Newey who has been linked with Aston Martin in recent weeks and days.

Corriere della Sera newspaper believes Ferrari’s technical director Enrico Cardile has also been offered a deal to move to Aston Martin, the highly ambitious and rapidly developing team owned by billionaire Lawrence Stroll.

And another rumour is that former Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto might return to Formula 1, either with a leading technical role at Aston Martin or even to replace team principal Mike Krack.

It’s all despite the fact that Aston Martin’s performance has actually dipped in 2024 compared to last season.

“Logically, we have a desire to improve,” two-time champion Alonso said. “But I also believe that people from outside see something very interesting in this project for the future.

“We have the new factory at full capacity now and we have the wind tunnel that will arrive at the end of the year,” the 42-year-old Spaniard, signed up for 2025 and 2026, added.

“I think that several of the names that are now trying to join Aston Martin are a good sign that the team is attractive,” Alonso said.

“I hope we have a good technical team and, above all, that we can improve the car in the short term, which is what interests us as the drivers or the people who are here, at the races, who only see tomorrow, Saturday, Sunday.

“But our managers and Lawrence logically have to see the project in two, five or ten years. But what we really want is a fast car on Sunday and that is what we have to concentrate on.”