In the round-up: FIA race director Charlie Whiting remains concerned about the problems Formula Two has experienced with cars stalling despite far fewer problems occurring last weekend.

Although far fewer drivers stalled in Barcelona compared to Baku, Whiting wants to be ensure starts are as safe as possible before drivers compete on the narrow confines of Monaco.

What they say

We’ll have to look at the data but on the face of it it looks a lot better. One [Saturday] and none [Saturday]. We really need to talk to the drivers and try and find out what their reaction is.

But I think it’s a lot better because basically what was happening was when they put their foot on the throttle and take it to the limiter, which is what they normally do, the engine was oscillating too much – 2,500-3,000rpm – and if the driver dropped the clutch when it was on its way down, that’s when it would stall. So what they’ve done is taken a test car, done lots of tests and they’ve now narrowed that oscillation down to 1,000. And that seems to have helped a great deal.

We’ll have a more sturdy solution in Paul Ricard. But we need to analyse the data now to see if we feel comfortable with taking that system to Monaco, for obvious reasons.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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