Daniel Ricciardo was not ruling anything out when it came to a Red Bull swap after Sergio Perez again disappointed at Silverstone.

Any hope the Mexican had of putting his poor form behind him was not helped in Q1 at the British Grand Prix when Perez beached it and was unable to continue. The mistake only put more pressure on a seat that is already under the spotlight.

Daniel Ricciardo comments on potential Sergio Perez Red Bull swap

A Ricciardo/Perez swap has been mooted ever since the Australian returned to the Red Bull team in 2023 but despite Perez signing a new deal only a short while ago, the in-season swap talk is increasing at a rapid rate.

Ricciardo is in a good run of form and although he finished 15th in quali, he felt it was the most he could have got out of the session and the possibility of him replacing Perez was put to him after the event.

“I would never make any predictions in this sport,” he told media including PlanetF1.com. “I feel like every year that this sport goes on, the more it gets.

“I know it goes in the trend of the sport is getting bigger. It’s becoming more Hollywood, so to speak, in terms of the profile the sport has and also the narrative that runs with the sport now and certainly more Hollywood in terms of it’s so unpredictable.

“So do I have any proof that I’ll be anywhere else? I do not. Crazy things happen but I am certainly not in a place to say that or think that or predict that so try and keep doing my thing. Obviously, today wasn’t the case.

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“But again, I know, not to completely just point the finger, but I felt like there wasn’t much more I could do with the situation we put ourselves in.”

As for his Q2 exit, Ricciardo believed the team did not help themselves with when they chose to join the track.

“I was questioning a lot of the choices we were making and the run plan and the timings and at the end, we would trip over everyone in the last chicane, trying to open up and making enemies.

“Kind of breaking that gentleman’s agreement by overtaking and trying to get my lap before the light goes out. But then I started the lap close to Zhou Guanyu and it’s just we never had a chance.”

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