Helmut Marko has insisted the Red Bull engine programme is on track despite some outsiders doubting its progress.

Officially, Red Bull will be a new engine supplier in 2026 but having worked with Honda for a number of years, they have a head start compared to an entirely new venture. But despite this, that has not stopped some suggesting their title-winning form could take a nosedive when the new regulations kick in.

Helmut Marko denies Red Bull Powertrains troubles

Red Bull Ford Powertrains is one of six listed suppliers for 2026 with the Milton Keynes based factory set to power both Red Bull and VCARB.

But any time there is a new regulation, there is a question of what it will do to the established order with the Red Bull/Honda engine proving itself dominant since 2022.

The likes of Toto Wolff in particular have been trying to sow some seeds of doubt over Red Bull’s engine producing capabilities once Honda leaves but senior advisor Helmut Marko insisted everything is going to plan.

“Guess who is spreading these rumours?” he asked oe24, before giving a clear five-word response. “We are right on schedule.”

Marko was then asked if there was a plan B should the new engine not work and he said that was an avenue they had not even contemplated exploring.

“There isn’t. Our engine has to work or get working,” 81-year-old said. “So many factors come into play, like the fuel, the battery, etc. It will be exciting to see who will really be at the front. In terms of horsepower, we will definitely be there.”

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Red Bull will not be going it entirely alone though with American powerhouse Ford providing assistance from the States. Asked about that relationship, team principal Christian Horner said they have “been a great partner.”

“They haven’t dictated or stipulated anything upon us,” he told Sky Sports. “They’ve said, ‘here’s our sweet shop – our facilities, our resources – what can we help you with?’

“That’s been hugely beneficial, particularly as we were getting up to speed with facilities and resources.

“It’s such an iconic brand in Formula 1 to be bringing that blue oval back in 2026, on a Red Bull Powertrain, is really exciting.”

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