Max Verstappen won a “psychological” battle against Lando Norris in their Austria tussle, Martin Brundle says.

Red Bull’s Verstappen drew the anger of McLaren when contact ended Norris’ F1 Austrian Grand Prix last weekend.

With their battle set to resume this weekend at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, Norris has U-turned by insisting Verstappen does not owe him an apology.

Brundle said to Sky Sports: “They were both really unlucky to get race-ending and race-disturbing punctures.

“In the same race at the first corner, Charles Leclerc and Oscar Piastri had a big contact. Piastri didn’t get a puncture.

“It’s luck of the draw.

“It’s black and white that, if you return to the racing line having defended, you must leave at least a car’s width. There is no argument on that.

“It’s not always applied, though…

“It is a penalty under our own rules. That’s just a fact.

“Max wanted to stop Lando cutting underneath, and getting DRS into Turn 4.

“I’m surprised Lando has let Max off the ropes, if I’m honest.

“He should’ve kept in there. Max is a street fighter and, psychologically, that’s one for Max in that battle.

“I am coming from the era of Mansell vs Piquet and Prost vs Senna, and more recently Max vs Lewis.

“I don’t know how you can be mates on a Monday morning. Clearly, they think they can.”

Norris was fuming with his close friend Verstappen in parc ferme last weekend at the Red Bull Ring.

But his energy changed at Silverstone, insisting he was not due an apology.

Naomi Schiff agreed with Brundle, and added: “An hour or two later, I thought that from a psychological aspect, what Max did was important.

“He set the tone of what it will be like to race him.

“Then, further to that, I thought Lando did a good job in sticking his ground and proving to Max he wouldn’t be bullied.

“But by saying what he said in the press conference – that he should have used more kerb – you’re taking away that thing in “Max’s head of ‘Lando might not move if I bully him’.

“It’s a psychological game and you’ve got to play it against your opponent.”

Brundle said: “There’s no doubt that Lando’s race craft was gung-ho. Throw it in and let’s see what happens.

“He needs more patience, finesse, cunning if he wants to win a championship against Max in combat.”