Alex Albon has insisted it’s business as usual for his on-track approach despite Williams still not having a spare F1 chassis.

Albon’s teammate – Logan Sargeant – was forced to sit out of the Australian Grand Prix after Williams controversially handed the Thai driver the only chassis available to race.

The former Red Bull driver had crashed during the opening practice session at Albert Park, ruling him out of FP2.

The shunt damaged Albon’s chassis – and with Williams not having a spare one – they decided to give him Sargeant’s.

While Williams have managed to repair Albon’s damaged one, which Sargeant will race in at Suzuka, they aren’t expected to have a back up one until Miami.

Speaking in the FIA press conference in Japan, Albon says that fact won’t change his approach to racing.

“Not at all. We’ve been like that since Bahrain and it doesn’t really change anything,” he said. “It will be this weekend and China that we don’t have a spare car. As I said, the mindset is the same as it was from race one.”

Logan Sargeant (USA) Williams Racing FW46. Formula 1 World Championship, Rd 3, Australian Grand Prix, Albert Park,

Logan Sargeant (USA) Williams Racing FW46. Formula 1 World Championship,…

Sargeant also explained why he’s racing in Albon’s repaired chassis rather than reverting back to his own.

“It’s the repaired one just because the workload to switch the cars back over would be far too much for the mechanics,” Sargeant added “But the chassis repair went better than expected, so it should be perfectly normal as far as I’m aware.

“Again, it’s a situation that we had to deal with through the first three races,” he said. “We went to Saudi with the same situation and of course it’s one of those things that you know you have to be careful, but at the same time, you can’t be.

“It’s Formula 1, if you’re careful, you’re nowhere. So it’s really not even a question. You have to be committed, confident and hope nothing goes wrong!”