A frustrated Oscar Piastri has labelled F1’s policing of track limits as “embarrassing” following qualifying for the Austrian Grand Prix.

Piastri had qualified third at the Red Bull Ring but saw his best lap deleted for track limits, dropping him down to seventh in the order.

Replays showed Piastri running slightly wide at Turn 6, although subsequent camera angles showed that it was difficult to tell whether the McLaren driver had actually exceeded track limits or not.

Ahead of this weekend’s race at the Red Bull Ring, organisers have made significant changes to the track, particularly around Turn 9 to combat track limits with the introduction of a gravel trip and modifications to the kerb.

Given the changes to this section of the track, Piastri was disgruntled about how limits were policed at Turn 6.

“For me it’s embarrassing,” he told Sky after the session. “We all do this work for track limits, put gravel in places and I didn’t even go off the track. I stayed on the track. It’s probably my best Turn 6 and it gets deleted.

“I don’t know why they’ve spent hundreds of thousands if not millions to change the last few corners when you still have corners you can still go off. Anyway. Everyone else kept it on track, I didn’t.”

When pressed on why it was “embarrassing”, Piastri added: “That was the best Turn 6 I took. I was right to the limit of the track. That’s what everybody wants to see. Again, we’ve spent so much effort trying to get rid of these problems.

“There’s no reason this corner should be an issue for track limits. Especially when you stay on the track like I did or not in the gravel. For me, obviously being the only one that’s had that happened to me I am probably more vocal about it right now.

“I think it’s embarrassing that you see us pushing right to the limit of what we can do and one centimetre more I am in the gravel, ruining my lap anyway, and it gets deleted.”

A number of McLaren engineers – and Piastri’s manager – Mark Webber – were seen examining Piastri’s lap after the session.

Sky’s Anthony Davidson felt the off board footage from Piastri’s car was inconclusive.