While several drivers voiced their concerns about jet lag amid a demanding end-of-season schedule ahead of this weekend’s Las Vegas Grand Prix, Hamilton was a notable exception. 

The seven-time world champion insisted he felt “great” heading into the final two events of a gruelling 22-race season. 

“I personally haven’t found it [jet lag] a problem,” Hamilton said. “Still managed to keep the training up and I feel great at this point of the year. 

“I saw the drivers complaining about the jet lag. Jet lag is probably something that can get all of us but I’ve not found it a problem since I’ve been here. 

“It is demanding but we know that entering the sport. We know what the season entails. The three back-to-backs were definitely tough but if it was easy everyone would do it.”

Hamilton’s answer prompted an amusing exchange with Red Bull’s Sergio Perez, who joked: “I will ask Lewis for some of his pills, he seems to be the only one not suffering with it! 

“But no, for me, I’m used to it. I come from Mexico, so I spend so much time on the jet lag.” 

Williams driver Alex Albon also admitted to struggling, joking he is “not as gifted as Lewis with the sleep”. 

Perez’s teammate Max Verstappen was among the harshest critics of F1’s scheduling. 

“It’s already a 12-hour difference but also a completely different timezone because basically we live on a Japanese time schedule [in Vegas] but then almost on a different day,” the Dutchman said. 

“I don’t really get that. That is very tiring. It’s the end of the season that we have to do this, it doesn’t really make a lot of sense.”

42-year-old Fernando Alonso was another who conceded jet lag was a problem, though the Aston Martin driver insisted it shows F1 is a “tough sport”, unlike football. 

AlphaTauri’s Yuki Tsunoda joked: “I’m currently quite sleepy so for me it’s hitting a little bit.”

Like Hamilton, Pierre Gasly said he had no issues in Las Vegas thanks to his preparation ahead of the event. 

However, the Frenchman suggested next weekend’s season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix could be a “big challenge”.