MONZA, Italy — Renault has lodged a formal complaint with the FIA about the legality of Haas car.

The protest was confirmed just hours after Haas had moved level with Renault in the fight for fourth position in the championship at the Italian Grand Prix. Renault refused to comment on the matter, although F1 race director Charlie Whiting elaborated further to the media on Sunday evening.

“It’s concerning a small detail on the floor, on the leading edge of the floor,” he said.

When asked if it was to do with the flexibility of that part of the car, he said: “No. It’s a geometrical thing.”

The hearing takes place at 18:30 local time in the Monza paddock. Haas boss Guenther Steiner said the protest had taken him by surprise.

Asked if there had been any dialogue with Renault ahead of the race, Steiner said: “It has taken us by surprise. But I don’t comment.”

He added: “I don’t know what they want. We’ll find out what they want in the end and go from there.”

Grosjean’s drive to sixth position had helped Haas move level with the French manufacturer, who remains the only other contender in the fight for fourth position following the FIA’s decision to strip Force India of all the points it scored before the Belgian Grand Prix following its summer takeover, which prompted the team to effectively be re-entered on the grid as a new entry.