Toto Wolff’s vast personal fortune is even larger than Lewis Hamilton’s.

The Mercedes team principal was worth $1.6billion (£1.27billion) in April 2024, Forbes report. He officially became a billionaire a year earlier.

Whereas Forbes report the driver is worth £300m.

Wolff is not only Mercedes’ team principal, he also owns a third of the F1 team.

His 33.3 percent share is matched by Daimler (the company who own Mercedes-Benz) and Ineos (a company owned by Sir Jim Ratcliffe, who is one of Britain’s richest men and is personally worth a reported £13 billion).

Wolff earns an estimated annual salary of £7m.

Mercedes’ customer team Aston Martin’s podium finish at the 2023 Bahrain Grand Prix benefitted Wolff’s bank balance. 

In 2020, Wolff purchased a 1% stake in the Aston Martin F1 team. And after Fernando Alonso finished third in Bahrain, Aston Martin’s stock price reportedly increased by 15%.

He is the husband of Susie Wolff, who is a pioneer for females in motorsport.

She became the first woman to drive in an F1 session in two decades when, in 2014, she was behind the wheel for Williams in a practice session.

(L to R): Susie Wolff (GBR) with her husband Toto Wolff (GER) Mercedes AMG F1 Shareholder and Executive Director. Formula

(L to R): Susie Wolff (GBR) with her husband Toto Wolff (GER) Mercedes AMG…

Susie is also the managing director of the F1 Academy.

They married in 2011, two years before Toto joined Mercedes.

He has presided over seven driver’s championships – six for Hamilton and one for Nico Rosberg.