FIA race director Charlie Whiting says plans for a new Formula One circuit in Vietnam are currently on target ahead of a potential grand prix in 2020.

Although a deal has not been announced by Formula One, Vitenam has been talked about as a potential venue for some time. In August, the Vietnamese government said it would support a race on the streets of Hanoi and the capital city is in line with Formula One’s vision of racing in “destination cities”.

Last week, Whiting visited a proposed site 12km west of Hanoi’s centre and said he believes the plans laid out by the local organisers are feasible for a race in two years’ time.

“There’s no actual progress on building the track but the site’s been identified,” he said. “It’s in the advanced stages of design.

“I think, as far as I’m aware, they’re aiming for a 2020 Grand Prix, which shouldn’t be a problem based on previous experience.”

Whiting said the track would be part street circuit, part purpose-built.

“It’s mainly on the streets and there’s a section which is not yet built. So, it’s an open site where the pit building’s going to be built. Part of the track will be built there, which doesn’t exist at the moment. But it will become a road, I understand, after that.”