Logan Sargeant will contest the F1 Japanese Grand Prix in the repaired chassis of his teammate Alex Albon, rather than using his own.

A lack of spare chassis last time out in Melbourne resulted in Williams controversially sacrificing Sargeant’s weekend in order to give Albon their sole-remaining car after the Thai driver caused irreparable damage to his FW46 in a huge practice shunt.

Williams have successfully fixed Albon’s destroyed chassis but won’t have a spare tub before the Miami Grand Prix in early May.

While both drivers will be able to take part at this weekend’s race at Suzuka, it means a repeat of the nightmare scenario that unfolded in Australia cannot be ruled out in either Japan or China.

But instead of reverting to his chassis which Albon borrowed last time out, Sargeant will drive in his teammate’s rebuilt one.

“It’s the repaired one, just because the workload to switch the cars back over would just be far too much for the mechanics,” Sargeant explained.

“The chassis repair went better than expected. I believe it’s only 100 grams heavier. So pretty much nothing.”

Alex Albon (THA), Williams F1 Team Formula 1 World Championship, Rd 3, Australian Grand Prix, Albert Park, Melbourne,

Alex Albon (THA), Williams F1 Team Formula 1 World Championship, Rd 3,…

Williams made the call because they felt Albon, who finished 11th in Melbourne, provided their best shot of scoring points.

Sargeant previously said being asked to give up his car was “the hardest moment” of his career, but he insists he has now made peace with the situation.

”I think you always have to look at what’s best for the team. Of course, as the driver you want to drive, but at the same time I know everyone’s working as hard as they can,” the American added.

“I don’t blame anyone, I know everyone’s trying their best and I make mistakes, the team makes mistakes, but we move on.

“I think the funny part is probably psychologically feel better. After having a week away, you see things from a different perspective.

“Like I said, I’ve had a decent start to the year, it hasn’t shown up in quali yet. I think it would have in Melbourne. So I’m just continuing with that mindset that I’m close to where I need to be, it’s going to start this weekend.”