As a former guardian of the House of Maranello, Jean Todt is a connoisseur of prancing horses, but he also knows a raging bull when he sees one.

We’re not talking Milton Keynes horns here, or Max Verstappen. We’re talking about a beast often cited as the most beautiful car ever designed, the ascendant to the modern mid-engined supercar: the Lamborghini Miura!

Todt acquired chassis N°. 3673 a while back but entrusted its restoration to a man he knew well from his days at the helm of Ferrari.

As the Chairman and CEO of Lamborghini, Stefano Domenicali took in Todt’s precious 47-year-old asset and turned it over to Lamborghini’s Polo Storio restoration division where it was painstakingly revived to its original pristine condition, a process that took over 13 months.

The Rosso Corsa and gold 1972 Miura SV was recently handed back to its proud owner, and was put on display on Paris’ elegant Place de la Concorde, where resides the venerable Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile.

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