A fitting star-studded gathering, including F1 legends Jackie Stewart, Damon Hill and Nigel Mansell, convened at Westminster Abbey on Wednesday to celebrate the life of Sir Stirling Moss.

The service, which was delayed due to pandemic restrictions, finally paid homage to the motorsport icon who passed away in 2020.

Over 2,000 guests, from fellow drivers across all categories to fans who secured coveted tickets, filled the Abbey. Even royalty was present, with representatives from the British Royal Family attending alongside F1 team boss Christian Horner and comedian Rowan Atkinson.

The son of Moss’s former teammate, Juan Manuel Fangio, even flew in from Argentina to represent his family.


Stirling’s own son, Stirling Elliot Moss, shared a poignant excerpt from a personal letter from his father, highlighting the sacrifices required for achievement:

“Be reminded that everything worth achieving comes at a cost… Before you start, be sure you are willing to pay the price. I was, and I did, and I have no regrets.”

Tributes poured in, with Jackie Stewart recounting a humorous anecdote about being mistaken for Moss by a policeman after his own 1973 championship win.

The ceremony culminated in a display of Moss’s most celebrated cars, including the legendary Mercedes-Benz that conquered the Mille Miglia.

Though his F1 career was tragically cut short by a 1962 accident, Moss never lost his racing spirit. Despite never securing the championship title, his 16 Grand Prix wins and numerous near misses cemented his legacy as a motorsport giant.

The Westminster Abbey bells tolled as guests admired the iconic cars, a fitting farewell to a driver who left an indelible mark on the world of racing.


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