In the round-up: McLaren reserve driver Lando Norris says he’s hoping to get some time in the team’s car soon so he is better equipped to serve as a substitute should a replacement be needed for either of the team’s race drivers.

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Norris, who tested the team’s MCL32 last year, was asked when he expects to drive their current car:

I haven’t been told the exact first day I’ll be in the car this season. I think one of the young driver tests I’ll be in. I’ve been preparing for that to make the most use of it I can. It’ll be an opportunity for, if anything happens to Fernando [Alonso] or Stoffel [Vandoorne], I’ll have a bit more of an understanding about the car, be a bit more confident in jumping in and doing a good job. It’s another day for me to improve and get to learn about Formula One. So hopefully one of the young driver tests or a Pirelli test I’ll get a bit more experience.

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