Double amputee Billy Monger celebrated his first appearance on the British Formula 3 podium at the weekend with his own special take on F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo’s ‘shoey’.

Monger lost both his legs in a horrifying crash during a British Formula 4 race last year after smashing into the back of a slow-moving car which had suddenly lost power. Despite his injuries, he has made a remarkable comeback this year in a different series.

At the weekend, he claimed his first podium since the accident. To celebrate, he mimicked Ricciardo’s habit of drinking champagne from his race boot — albeit from one of the prosthetic legs he uses to race.

After Monger, 19, tweeted the picture and tagged the Australian driver, Ricciardo responded with glowing approval.

Monger was a guest of Mercedes’ at the British Grand Prix in 2017 and he attended the launch of the team’s car this season. During that day he was driven around the Silverstone circuit by Lewis Hamilton.